These are just some of the most commonly asked questions, but if you have something else you’d like to ask, please drop us a message!

How far in advance do we need to book?

We commonly take bookings two years in advance of a couples’ wedding date. We always feel really bad having to turn couples down for dates that we’re already booked for, and this often happens when people leave it until just a few months before. If you want to make sure we can save your date, it’s best to book as early as possible.

Do we need to meet in person first?

We always love to meet couples before they book, so we can get to know each other and show you some more of our work, but lots of our couples don’t live locally or are just very busy. We’re more than happy to take bookings by phone, email or Skype – whatever works best for you! Sometimes couples want to secure the date and then meet up later – that’s fine too!

Where are you based?

We live in Plymouth, Devon, but we cover the whole of Devon and Cornwall and also cover Dorset and Somerset without charging any additional travel fees. We love travelling around the South West and it gives us a chance to see so many beautiful venues. We’ll happily travel to anywhere else in the country, or indeed world so please ask!

Will I own the photographs?

We give you all of your photos copyright free for personal use. This means you can print them, email them, share them on social media – pretty much do whatever you like with them, there are virtually no restrictions. We still maintain the overall copyright but all we ask is that you don’t sell your photographs (we’ve never had a couple who wanted to do this!) And if you wanted to get them published in a wedding magazine then we’d just like you to get in touch with us first so we can speak to the magazine about a photo credit.

How do I know what you’ll photograph on the day?

We’ve been photographing weddings for many years, so we know what to expect (and also know to be prepared for the unexpected!). We will spend most of the day photographing all of the unique moments that make your day special, ensuring we capture all of the key moments you would expect. We’ll also spend a small amount of time taking group photographs and couples photographs, but this very rarely takes more than an hour. We’ll also spend time capturing all of the little details, like the décor, cake and other creative shots. If there is anyone or anything specific you’d like us to photograph, just ask!

How do we book you?

Booking is really easy. First step is to fill in our contact form (although you can call or email us too). We’ll chat about your day either in person or however you prefer and then all you need to do to secure the date is pay a 25% booking fee. This means your date is booked, and we won’t take any other bookings for that date. The remaining balance is due 1 month before the big day.

What happens after we’ve booked?

One you’ve confirmed your date, you probably won’t hear from us again until around 4 weeks before the big day. At this point you’ll be sent an invoice for any outstanding balance, and we’ll ask you to confirm the final itinerary of the day, including timings and names of people for the group shots. Around 2 weeks before the big day we will usually visit your venue to test the lighting and check out the best places for photographs.

What if you’ve never photographed at our venue before?

We love photographing in new places! If it’s somewhere we’ve never photographed before, we will always make a recce trip to the venue prior to your wedding so we can get the lay of the land and choose the best places for photographs. We like to make a wet weather contingency plan too, given how temperamental British weather is!

What happens to our photographs after the wedding?

You can get a really good overview of the work we do on your photographs in our What to Expect and Post Production section. We take great pride in editing your photographs – the editing process takes much longer than the wedding itself and plays a massive role in the overall look of your photographs.

Can I just have all of the photos you take, without editing?

We take many more photographs than are necessary – most photographers do. The first step in editing is to remove all of the unwanted photographs – these will be test shots, duplicates or simply unflattering shots (everybody pulls unflattering faces when caught at just the wrong moment, and blinking is a common issue!). We deliver all of the photographs which have not been deleted at this stage – there are no further photographs that we hold back. The editing process is key to delivering the look and feel that you booked us for and we wouldn’t deliver them to you without having given them our special attention first.

Can I just have one photographer at a discounted price?

Our packages include both of us at every wedding – we don’t charge extra for having two photographers, as that’s the way we like to work. It’s impossible for one photographer to be in 2 places at once (something we learned at our own wedding), and by having both of us there, you’ll not only get more photographs, but you’ll also get different perspectives and less chance of anything being missed. Besides, we make a great team and we love working together!

Do you have back up equipment?

Absolutely! This is really important – even the best equipment has a chance of failing, and you can never account for accidents! We have 3 camera bodies, 6 lenses, 2 flashes, spare batteries, spare memory cards and lots of other nick knacks that might come in handy! We also have contact with another photographer to step in should for some reason one or even both of us fell unexpectedly ill. This has never happened, but we like to be prepared!

Will our photographs be backed up?

Definitely. As soon as we get home from your wedding, we back up the photos to our hard drive as RAW files, and then we back up again as DNG files. We keep them on the memory cards until both sets of back ups are completed. Once the photos are edited, we save a further copy as JPEGs, and upload them onto an online gallery, which has no expiry date. Even after we have sent you your USB stick, we keep a copy of the DNG and JPEG files permanently – you never know when a couple might come back to you asking for a copy, so we never delete them

Are you insured?

Yes - we have professional indemnity and personal liability insurance for both of us, and for all of our equipment.

What will you wear to photograph our wedding?

We try and dress in a way that makes us look like we could possibly be staff or could possibly be guests. Nikkie wears a smart dress and smart shoes, and Pete wears smart trousers, a shirt and smart shoes. We need to balance being smart and comfortable with blending in, and find this combination works well. If you need us to be more formal, (or more casual!) please ask – as long as what we wear doesn’t restrict our movement (photographers get themselves into a lot of strange positions!) then we’re happy to accommodate.